开心学英语(四年级下册 第二课)
Friends with English 4 Unit 2
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Story (故事)

Listen, kids. We're moving to a new home.

Be happy, Jenny. It's a nice new home.

Yes, there is. There is a bedroom for everyone.

Yes, there is. And there is a dining room, too.

There isn't a garden, but there are three bathrooms.

Is there a zoo in our new home?
Oh no!

Is there a bedroom for me?

Is there a living room?

What about a garden?

I like our new home.

No, Gogo. There isn't a zoo.

New words (新词汇)

a living room

a bedroom

a bathroom
a dining room

a kitchen

a garden

Target (目标)

Is there a living room in your new home?

Is there a garden?
Yes, there is.

No, there isn't.

Listen,write,and chant. (听,写,和诵。)

------ I like my new home ------

Listen, point, and say. (听,点,和说。)

ar arm

ar park

ar garden
ar art

ar card

ar party

Listen and chant. (听和诵)

------ There's a party in the garden ------
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