开心学英语(四年级下册 第一课)
Friends with English 4 Unit 1
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Story (故事)

Go to school with us, Gogo.

There's a music room, an art room, a gym, and a hall.

Do you have a classroom?

Do you have a lunch room?

Hmm, I have an idea.

Oh, Gogo!
OK, What's in your school?

There's a teachers' office, too.

Of course, Gogo! There are lots of classrooms.

No, there isn't a lunch room.

Now, there's a lunch room!

New words (新词汇)

a teachers' office

a hall

a music room

a gym
a classroom

a library

an art room

a playground

Target (目标)

This is my school. There's a hall, a gym, a teachers' office, a library, an art room, and a music room.

There are twenty-five classrooms.
How many classrooms are there?

Listen and chant. (听和诵)

------ In my school ------

Listen, point, and say. (听,点,和说。)

oo room

oo cool

oo school
oo moon

oo classroom

oo noodles

Listen and chant. (听和诵)

------ The cool moon ------
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