Pregnant women in the late second
trimester and Dietary Guidelines

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First, the appropriate increase in fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, seafood intake

  Fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat is a good source of high quality protein, which also provides fish n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, eggs, especially egg yolk lecithin, vitamin A and a good source of vitamin B2.

Second, appropriate to increase the intake of milk

  Milk or dairy products rich in protein, protein supplement during pregnancy is important, but also good sources of calcium.

Third, eat iron-rich foods

  Beginning from the second trimester maternal blood volume and hemoglobin increased while fetus needs iron reserves, should start from the second trimester increased iron intake, if necessary, under the guidance of doctors supplement a small dose of iron.

Fourth, the amount of physical activity, maintaining appropriate body weight growth

  Pregnant women should be timely monitoring of their body weight, and in accordance with the rate of weight gain appropriately regulate food intake. Should also be based on their physical daily at least 30 minutes of low intensity physical activity, preferably 1 to 2 hours of outdoor activities, such as walking, doing gymnastics.

Five, smoking and alcohol, eat spicy food

  Tobacco, alcohol on the various stages of embryonic development has a significant toxic effects, such as easily lead to premature delivery, miscarriage, fetal malformations. There are smoking and drinking habits of women, pregnancy must be smoking and drinking, and to stay away from environmental tobacco smoke.
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