General population dietary guidelines

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First, the food variety, cereal-based, with the thickness

  Human food is varied. A variety of foods contain nutrients are not identical, each at least provides a food nutrients. Balanced diet must be composed by a variety of foods to meet nutritional needs of the human body, to achieve a reasonable nutrition and promote health.

  Cereal is the main body of the traditional Chinese diet, the body's main source of energy. Cereals including rice, flour, grains, mainly provide carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber and B vitamins. Adhere to cereal-based diet in order to maintain the fine tradition of our country, to avoid high-energy, high-fat and low carbohydrate diet drawbacks. People should maintain the right amount of daily intake of cereals, general adult daily intake of 250g ~ 400g appropriate. Also note that the thickness, often eat whole grains, cereals and whole grains. Rice, wheat, do not grind too fine, so as not to contain vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber loss.

Second, eat more vegetables, fruits and tubers

  Fresh fruits and vegetables is an important human component of a balanced diet is an important feature of our traditional diet. Fruits and vegetables low energy, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and phytochemicals important source. Potatoes are rich in starch, dietary fiber and vitamins and minerals. Rich in vegetables, fruit and potato diet for maintaining good health, maintaining normal intestinal function, improve immunity, reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic disease risk has an important role. Recommended adults eat our vegetables 300g ~ 500g, fruit 200g ~ 400g, and pay attention to increase the intake of potatoes.

Third, the daily feeding class, soybeans or their products

  Milk complete nutrition, composition of suitable, easy to digest and absorb. In addition to dairy products rich in quality protein and vitamins, the high calcium content, and utilization are high, is an excellent source of dietary calcium. All age groups appropriate to drinking milk help bone health, the average per person per day recommended drinking milk 300ml. Yinnai quantity or have high cholesterol and overweight and obesity tendency to choose low-fat, skim milk.

  Soy is rich in quality protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and dietary fiber, and contains phospholipids, oligosaccharides, and isoflavones, plant sterols and other phytochemicals. Should be properly eat soy and its products, recommended intake of 30g ~ 50g per person per day or equivalent amount of soy bean products.

Fourth, eat the right amount of fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat

   Fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat are belong to animal food, human-quality proteins, lipids, fat-soluble vitamins, B vitamins and a good source of minerals is an important part of a balanced diet. Lean meat content and utilization of iron is good. Fish is generally low in fat and contain more polyunsaturated fatty acids; poultry fat content is low, and not higher levels of saturated fatty acids; eggs are rich in quality protein, a relatively complete variety of nutrients is very economy, high quality protein source.

  At present some of China's urban residents are more animal food consumption, especially excessive ingestion of pork. Should be more appropriate to eat fish, poultry, reducing the intake of pork. A considerable part of the urban and most rural residents in the average amount of animal food to eat is not enough, should be increased. Animal foods generally contain a certain amount of saturated fat and cholesterol, excessive intake may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease risk.

Five, reducing the amount of cooking oil, salt and eat light meals

  Fat is an important source of human energy, and provides essential fatty acids, help digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, but obesity is caused by excessive fat intake, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis and other chronic diseases risk factor. Dietary salt intake and high prevalence of hypertension is closely related. Cooking oil and salt intake is excessive co-existence of urban and rural residents nutritional problems. To this end, we recommend that our residents should develop the habit of eating light salt diet, that food should not be too greasy, not too salty, not eating too much animal food and fried, smoked, pickled food.

Six, but the amount of food, daily exercise, maintain a healthy weight

  Food intake and exercise to maintain a healthy weight are two major factors, the body of food to provide energy, motion energy consumption. If excessive eating and insufficient physical activity, excess energy will be in the body in the form of the accumulated fat, weight gain, resulting in overweight or obese; the contrary, if insufficient food intake, may be due to lack of energy caused by low body weight or weight loss. Under normal physiological conditions, can effectively control appetite and food intake, but some people are not sensitive appetite regulation, appetite and food intake to meet the often than necessary. The amount of food but eat a few mouthfuls of their means, do not eat every meal eat Kazunari. As lifestyle changes, people's physical activity to reduce China's current lack of physical activity most adults, or lack of physical exercise, should change the sedentary lifestyle, to develop the habit of exercise every day, every day to do more consumption of energy activities.

Seven, to a reasonable distribution of meals, snacks should be appropriate

  Reasonable arrangement of time and eat three meals a day, eating regular meals. Breakfast provides the energy the total energy of the day should be accounted for 25% to 30%, lunch should be 30% to 40%, dinner should be 30% to 40%, according to occupation, labor intensity, and appropriate lifestyle adjustments. In general, Breakfast scheduled for 6:30-8:30, lunch at 11:30-13:30, 18:00-20:00 for dinner in the appropriate. To eat breakfast every day and ensure adequate nutrition, eat a good lunch, dinner in moderation. Do not eat too much, do not eat out, share meals with their families as much as possible, and create a pleasant dining atmosphere. Snacks as meals outside of the nutritional supplement, it is reasonable choice, but the energy from snacks should be included among energy intake throughout the day.

Eight, sufficient quantities of drinking water per day, a reasonable choice of beverages

  Water is an important part of diet is that all the material necessary for life, in life activities play an important function. The sources of drinking water in the body, water and food containing water metabolism in vivo. Water discharge, mainly through the kidneys to the urine in the form of discharge, followed by lung exhaled by the skin and with the feces. Into the body of water and drain out the water is basically the same, in dynamic equilibrium. Insufficient or too much water will harm human health. Drinking water should be a few times, to take the initiative, do not feel thirsty to drink water again. The best choice for drinking boiled water.

  A variety of drinks, you need a reasonable choice, such as milk drinks and pure fruit juice drinks contain a certain amount of nutrients and beneficial dietary components, moderate drinking can be used as dietary supplement. Some drink to add a certain amount of minerals and vitamins, suitable for hot days, outdoor activities and sports drink. Some drink only sugar and flavor, nutritional value is not high. Some people, especially young children, drank a lot of sugary drinks instead of water, is an unhealthy habit, should be corrected.

Nine, such as alcohol should be limited

   In the holidays, festive occasions and communication, people drinking is a custom. Height of the high energy content of the wine, white wine is basically pure energy food, without other nutrients. Uncontrolled drinking, make loss of appetite, reduced food intake, so as to cause a variety of nutrient deficiencies, acute and chronic alcoholism, alcoholic fatty liver, can also cause serious alcoholic cirrhosis. Excessive alcohol consumption will also increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and other disease; and can lead to accidents and violence increase, personal health and social stability are harmful and should be prohibited alcohol. Also alcohol will increase the risk of certain cancers. If possible, drink low-alcohol wine, and control in the appropriate limit below the recommended adult males one day alcohol drinking alcohol does not exceed 25g, adult women one day to drink alcohol alcohol does not exceed 15g. Pregnant women and young children should avoid alcohol.

Ten, eating fresh wholesome food

  Food place too long can cause deterioration, may produce toxic and hazardous substances on the human body. In addition, the food may contain harmful or mixed with a variety of factors, such as pathogenic micro-organisms, parasites and toxic chemicals and so on. Eat fresh healthy food to prevent foodborne illness, a fundamental measure to achieve food security. Procurement is to ensure that the correct food fresh health food first off. Smoked foods and some foods may contain added color or nitrite benzopyrene and other harmful ingredients, should not eat. Reasonable to maintain fresh food storage to prevent contamination. Heated to high temperatures to kill most microbes in food, to extend the preservation time; cold temperatures often 4 ℃ ~ 8 ℃, only suitable for short-term storage; and frozen storage temperature as low as -12 ℃ ~ -23 ℃, can keep food fresh, suitable for long-term storage. Cooking process is to ensure food hygiene and safety is an important part. Need to pay attention to maintaining good personal hygiene and food processing environment and equipment clean to avoid cross-contamination when cooking food. Note to add a little pickled food salt, avoid high temperature environment. There are some animal or plant foods contain natural toxins, in order to avoid eating poisoned, one needs to learn to identify these foods, other foods should be aware of the different specific methods to remove toxins.
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