Dietary Guidelines for Preconception period women

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First, the intake of foods rich in folic acid or folic acid

  The first four weeks of pregnancy is fetal neural tube differentiation and the formation of an important period, this period of folate deficiency may increase fetal neural tube defects and the risk of preterm birth. Women of childbearing age should begin as early as possible planned pregnancy eating more foods rich in folate and from 3 months before pregnancy begins daily supplement of folic acid 400μg, and continued throughout the pregnancy.

Second, eat iron-rich foods

  Iron deficiency easily lead to premature pregnancy, maternal weight gain during pregnancy and low birth weight less, so the pregnancy women should reserve enough iron to use during pregnancy. Recommend appropriate intake of women before pregnancy iron-rich foods, iron deficiency or anemia in women of childbearing age may moderate intake of iron-fortified food supplement under the guidance of a doctor or a small dose of iron.

Third, to ensure intake of iodized salt, and appropriately increase the intake of seafood

  Women around iodine deficiency during pregnancy and early pregnancy may increase the risk of neonatal sex cretinism occurring in the future. Because pregnancy and early pregnancy intake of iodized salt in addition, it also recommended that at least once a week intake of iodine-rich seafood.

Four, smoking cessation, alcohol

  One or both spouses are often smoking or drinking, not only affect the development of sperm or eggs, resulting in abnormal sperm or eggs, but also affect the successful implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus and embryo development, leading to miscarriage. Alcohol can pass through the placenta into the fetal bloodstream, causing fetal dysplasia, central nervous system abnormalities, mental retardation and so on.
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