Dietary Guidelines for Early pregnancy women

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One, light meals, palatable

  Light, palatable diet helps reduce early pregnancy pregnancy reaction, so that pregnant women consume as much food to meet their nutritional needs.

Two small meals

  Early pregnancy reaction heavier pregnant women, do not like average people emphasize diet regularity, pregnant women should be based on the severity of appetite and response time to adjust, to take small meals approach to ensure food intake.

Third, to ensure adequate intake of carbohydrate-rich foods

  Early pregnancy should be more intake of carbohydrate-rich cereal or fruit, ensure that the daily intake of at least 150g of carbohydrates (about cereal 200g).

Four, intake of foods rich in folate and folic acid

  Folate deficiency in early pregnancy can increase the occurrence of neural tube defects in the fetus and the risk of preterm birth. Women planning pregnancy should begin as early as possible eating more foods rich in folate. Should continue after conception folic acid daily 400μg, throughout pregnancy.

Five, smoking cessation, alcohol

  Maternal smoking or passive smoking may cause fetal hypoxia often and malnutrition, stunting. Pregnant women drinking, alcohol can pass through the placenta into the fetal bloodstream, causing fetal dysplasia, central nervous system abnormalities, mental retardation, etc., called alcoholism syndrome.
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