Chinese Dietary Guidelines for
Children and Adolescents

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First, regular meals quantitative ensure that eat breakfast, avoid blind Diet

  Three meals a day is not the law, do not eat breakfast in the phenomenon is more prominent in children and adolescents, affecting their nutritional intake and health. Quantitative regular meals, eat breakfast to ensure growth and development for children and adolescents, learning is very important.

Second, eat foods rich in iron and vitamin C

  As the rapid growth of children and adolescents, iron requirements increase, coupled with the girl after menstruation physiological iron loss, more susceptible to anemia.

  Even mild iron deficiency anemia, but also on the growth and development of children and adolescents and cause adverse health effects, in order to prevent anemia, children and adolescents should be taken regularly eat iron-rich foods and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Third, plenty of outdoor exercise every day

  Children and adolescents with plenty of outdoor exercise every day, can enhance physical fitness and endurance; various parts of the body to improve flexibility and coordination; maintain a healthy weight, prevention and control of obesity; certain chronic diseases also have a preventive effect. Outdoor sports can accept a certain amount of ultraviolet radiation, is conducive to the synthesis of vitamin D, to ensure the healthy development of bones.

Fourth, do not smoke, do not drink

  Children and adolescents are in rapid growth stage, body systems, organs not yet ripe, nervous system, endocrine function, immune function, etc. is not very stable, adverse external factors and the stimulation of resistance than the poor, and thus, smoking and drinking adverse effects on children and adolescents far more than adults.
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