0 months to 6 months old
infant feeding guidelines

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One, exclusive breastfeeding

  Breast milk is the baby within six months the best natural foods, ideally suited for fast physical growth and development, physiological function is not yet fully mature baby. Exclusive breastfeeding can meet the six-month-old infants less than all of the required liquid, energy and nutrients.

Second, open early postpartum milk, colostrum best nutrition

  Colostrum is very rare for babies, infants and junior defensive infection is very important to establish the immune system. Early opening of milk reduces infant physiological jaundice, physiological weight loss and hypoglycemia. 30-minute post-natal nursing.

Third, hold the baby as soon as possible to outdoor activities or adequate vitamin D

  Low levels of vitamin D in breast milk, parents should hold the baby as soon as possible to outdoor activities, appropriate sun will promote skin vitamin D synthesis; also be appropriate to supplement rich in vitamin D preparations.

Fourth, to newborns and infants 1 month to 6 months to replenish amount of vitamin K

  As low levels of vitamin K in breast milk, in order to prevent vitamin K deficiency bleeding disorders associated with, it is timely to newborns and infants 1 month to 6 months of age vitamin K.

Five, can not be used when exclusive breastfeeding, infant formula feeding should be preferred

  Infant formula is in addition to the solution of the breast milk for 0 months to 6 months old baby growth and development needs of the food, its nutritional composition and content was close to breast milk.

Six, regular monitoring of growth and development

  Height and weight growth indicators reflect the nutritional status of infants, the parents of the baby at home for regular measurements to understand the baby's growth and development is normal.
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