If people want to survive in society, they must lay a personal knowledge base and economic foundation. Without a knowledge base, it is difficult to find a job, it is difficult to get along with others, it is difficult to deal with the trivial matters in daily life, and it is impossible to mention innovation. Without an economic foundation, there will be no economic freedom, and life, family, and marriage will all enter a difficult position.
2018-12-26 lubiu

Daily activities during the lifetime. With the growth of knowledge and the richness of material, it is necessary to upgrade people's lives. It can improve the living environment, choose healthy foods, learn health exercises, and maintain a happy mood. This will increase the meaning of life. But don't want to be high, lose your reason, and too much desire will bring pain. Finding true love and living a happy life is the best choice in life.
2018-12-26 lubiu

I just like it. More positive hobbies can enrich your life. People tend to develop in the direction of hobbies, and things often do more with less. Lack of hobbies in life, people's life will feel boring.
2018-12-26 lubiu
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